Contents of the “Souls” Series Part 2

Hello and welcome to my second post!

Similar to my last post in this post i will be covering the second installment in the “Souls” series. Once again i will be covering the games setting and lore and will go over the plot base for the game. this will provide an explanation of what “you” the player will be required to do.

Dark Souls 2 , as the name suggests this is the second installment within the “Souls” franchise. This installment shares a similar setting to the prequel “Dark Souls” as they are based in the same world. however in Dark Souls 2 you travel to a land known as Drangleic  similarly to Dark souls 1 you play as a human who has been branded with “the dark sign” in order to remove this curse you travel to the land of Drangleic and are tasked with collecting 4 great souls for the emerald keeper. however upon completing the quest you learn of a certain being who is in possession of the dark soul and whose power prevents the linking of the fire therefore preventing the age of light from returning keeping the world shrouded in darkness. You then as the player are allowed to choose how you will proceed. whether you want to link the fire and bring about the age of flames and light or you want to obtain the dark soul and live in the age of darkness as the king of Drangleic and the keeper of the dark soul.

When playing through Dark Souls 2 the word “disappointing” came to mind but at the same time didn’t feel as if it truly described the feeling once i completed the game i decided that the feeling of playing the game that i disliked was that specific areas of the game were “lack luster” in comparison to the same qualities expressed in the prequel to this game.

Dark souls 2 had many improvements over its predecessor such as:

  • Far improved graphics
  • Better combat systems
  • Improved port between consoles
  • Better servers for hosting multiplayer activities.

However aspects of the game felt overall worse quality compared to its prequel :

  • The NPC’s met in the game had far less backstory to them than the NPC’s in Dark Souls 1 meaning the story wasn’t as heavily imposed upon the player. The game felt as if you could play through the entire game without knowing what was happening unless you dug for the lore that was practically hidden.
  • Detail within the map: another thought that was imposed upon me by this game was that it felt utterly rushed. in the separate areas of the game maps seemed repetitive and bland whereas in Dark souls 1 all areas were unique and extremely detailed. They seemed as though they developers had tried their hardest to implement even the smallest details.

Dark Souls 2                                                                 Dark Souls 1

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Contents of the “Souls” series

Hello and welcome to my first post!

As i mentioned in my introduction this post will cover the first games within the “Souls” series. I will cover the game’s setting and lore and the overall plot for the game and what you as a player have to do.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls is the First installment within the “Souls” series and is my personal favourite game within the franchise. Dark souls is set in a mythical land known as Lordran. you play as an un-named human who has been branded with “The dark sign” the dark sign is a curse which causes the host to become undead, meaning that whenever the host is killed or dies they are reborn but at the price of a piece of their humanity and sense of being. the setting is that the “Age of flames” is ending. the “Age of Flames” started when the “lords” defeated the ancient dragons with the power of fire. At the point of the games setting the “Age of Flames” is ending and the world will return to its former state of complete darkness. As the player you will travel through lordran to complete a prophecy about the chosen undead.



Introduction to my blog

Hello my name is Kalen and this is my blog.

This blog will consist of information about my personal favourite game series  of all time , The Dark souls series.

In my first post i will cover the development of Dark souls and cover each of the games in the series, and in my second blog i will go through the concept of the game and the way the game itself plays through.

About me:

I first played Dark souls in 2010 when my friend recommended the game for me and since then i have beaten each game released in the series and in the first and second installment of the series i have beaten the games in NG+ up to NG+ 11 in the first game.

If i had to choose my favourite game in the series, i would undoubtedly choose the first installment ” Dark Souls” as it is the game that i have the most playtime in and have had the best moments playing (whether they be comedic or awe inspiring). I would also choose the first installment as in my own opinion the story was most refined and the lore was more prominent than in the other installments in the series.

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Thank you for reading the introduction to my blog.

Stay tuned for more Dark souls content.